Spring Clean The Clutter!


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP


Happy Spring from Pamela Tinkham LLC.

Spring is a great time to clean out the clutter in your home and in your life. It is a new season, fresh with new beginnings, blooming with opportunities for the present and future and a time to let go of the past and the long winter that is now behind us.


Begin with a small project of one area of your home or life. Choose one thing to dispose of for each day beginning with the first day of Spring and lasting for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 week period you will feel revived, rejuvenated and refreshed. If you keep it simple you will have more success at accomplishing your goals. Set just one goal daily for removing clutter and that can mean clutter in your closet or home, clutter in your brain, clutter in your family or social relationships or clutter at work. Whatever clutter means for you, just tackle it one moment at a time.

Cleaning clutter will allow you to have an amazing Spring filled with joy, hope, peace and motivation. It will allow you to have room in your life for new possibilities while you are letting go of the old, no longer needed things that weigh you down.

I can already hear the jokes that some of you are going to write to me about getting rid of your spouse because they are creating mental clutter.
 Take this as an opportunity and a team effort in your relationships to bring about positive change. Once you do this you will have the rest of Spring and Summer to just enjoy!

Ready, Set, Go Get Started!!!!!!!!!

In Fitness and Health,

Spring Fling!


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP

What comes to your mind when you hear the words Spring Fling? Warmth… Fun… New Season… Beginnings… Endings… Completion…? Whatever it means for you… it is an exciting time.

Spring is a time to finish old projects and begin new ones. It is a time to re-evaluate your health goals and to shed those extra winter pounds you may have put on.

It is a time to remove some of those winter layers of clothing and lighten your load. It may be a time to go through your closets, give away old clothes that you do not wear, and buy something new and colorful that you would feel great in.

Spring Fling can mean being proactive in finding the relationship you have been seeking whether it is a friendship, a romantic relationship OR working on your existing relationship to find new ways of relating to one another. Challenge yourself to communicate in a different way to see if it gets you a better result.

This Spring take the risk of uncovering one of your layers of defenses. Be genuine, open, and show the world your true essence… not the mask you have been wearing every day.

Whatever those 2 words mean for you… Spring Fling… let them fill you with hope, faith, warmth, love and light for the new season.

S top
P ause
R e-evaluate
I nvolve yourself
N ew ways of being
G et psyched!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Spring! Add something new to your life that you have never done before!


Springtime Reminders


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP


Happy Spring from Pamela Tinkham LLC!

Here are some reminders to help take off those unwanted pounds and get ready for beach season!


  1. Eat small meals.
  2. Have a healthy snack (fruit, veggie, fat free yogurt, fat free cottage cheese) between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water per day.
  4. Get some form of exercise every day (everything counts).
  5. Decrease stress – Stress causes you to hold on to body fat… try meditation or yoga.
  6. Do something every day that you enjoy… joy helps you stick to your goals.
  7. Have a mantra (something you say to yourself daily) that is positive such as “I am health”, “I look great”, “I accept myself”.
  8. Be patient and compassionate with yourself.
  9. If you fall off track, get right back on.
  10. If you must have a night snack, try 10 Almonds and stop at 10. Each nut has one gram of fat, and fat stores very quickly.
  11. Limit the carbohydrates at dinner time, unless you work out after dinner.
  12. SMILE … research shows that smiling (even forcing it) has physiological benefits which may improve your mood and outlook on life (which will help you stick to your goals of eating healthy and exercising).