Best of 2016 Mental Health

“The more you gloat, the less you actually have… as eternal happiness can only be found in the soul.”


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Clients, and Yogis,

You have not heard from me because I am in the process of publishing a self-help book about psychological trauma. I hope to release it in time for the holidays as it will be a great gift for many.

The above quote is about this email blast, as it is an announcement about being chosen for “Fairfield’s County’s Finest 2016” in healthcare, education, technology, nonprofit, and business.

“The more you gloat, the less you actually have… as eternal happiness can only be found in the soul”, sums up how I feel about self-marketing. There is a difference between humility and self-promotion and a difference between empowerment and pride. My hope with this email is that you know that I am coming from a place of deep gratitude, humility, and empowerment when I announce the “Best of 2016” with the link below.

I learned a long time ago in musical theatre auditions that no matter how talented we are, there is always someone better than us! Also, we are all replaceable I am sorry to say. With that said, a lesson is to be learned in being able to take feedback as “feedback” and not perceive it as “criticism” which is a difficult task.

Particularly with writing my upcoming book I have been subject to lots of feedback, good and not so good, and have been able to take it with a thicker skin than years ago when everything hurt! My intention for you is to have a thick enough skin to NOT get crushed by feedback, but not so thick that you cannot accept love and encouragement and show your vulnerability and true self.

Thank you for reading and I will release the book information as soon as we are up on The soft cover and Kindle version will be available in the near future so look out for upcoming email blasts about the book.

Till then I wish you L’shana Tova (Happy Jewish New Year) and Happy Thanksgiving if we do not speak before then!

Love and Blessings,


“The Intelligent Divorce”


“The Intelligent Divorce”

A book by Dr. Mark R. Banschick, with assistance by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP


Is there such a thing as an Intelligent Divorce?  Absolutely, and Mark R. Banschick, MD has written two wonderful books on the subject, The Intelligent Divorce, Because Your Kids Come First.

Dr. Banschick has a lighthearted way of expressing this crucial subject matter and he delivers it with such ease that the books are quick, fun and easy to read.

Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP gladly assisted with Book two of The Intelligent Divorce, Because Your Kids Come First, Chapter 6: Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep, in particular the fitness and yoga section.

Just scroll down to view the excerpts.



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