Summer Fun!


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP


Whether you are going away on vacation or taking a few personal days this summer, here are some tips for a healthier you!

WALK, WALK, WALK…… Your workouts do not always have to be vigorous. Walking clears your mind, works your body, and is great for your soul! Walking with friends, family or your romantic partner can help to improve your relationships. If you walk alone try to notice all the things in nature that you may overlook on a daily basis.

DANCE…… If you don’t like to dance or don’t know how to, put on your favorite upbeat music while you are alone and just move to the music. This means that you are bending and straightening your knees, moving your arms and hips a little and feeling the rhythm of the music. Try it for 5 minutes and see how you feel after. You can even try this with your eyes closed.

SWIM…… Are you afraid of the water? Stay in the shallow end and just raise and lower your legs to feel the resistance of the water working your muscles. If you are a swimmer, swimming in salt water is the most clearing, invigorating thing you can do for yourself.

BE…… What’s this? Well we are all so used to “doing” that we forget how to just “be”. Give yourself a day of not “doing” and just “being” and notice how that feels. As soon as you catch yourself “doing” go back to “being”. It is difficult to do this for an entire day. Try it!

Have a wonderful summer and call if you have any questions!


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