Journaling – A Must!


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP

Are you ready to wear a bathing suit this summer?  If not…

•   What stops you from sticking to your goals?
•   How many of us are keeping a food journal?
•   Why is it that we are so hard on our children to get them to complete their homework and we do not do our own homework?

Research indicates that keeping a food and exercise journal increases your chances for long term success with weight control.

What should we journal?

  1. All food and beverages consumed throughout the day
  2. All fat grams consumed throughout the day
  3. The amount of exercise performed each day
  4. Your feelings and thoughts throughout the day (particularly before a binge)
  5. Any negative recurring thoughts that you tell yourself such as; “I am fat already so I might as well eat the brownie”

The Goal:

  1. Keep Fat Grams below 30 grams for the entire day
  2. Avoid processed foods, high sugar foods, high sodium foods, and saturated fat
  3. Eat many fruits and vegetables throughout the day
  4. Eat lean protein throughout the day
  5. Eat whole grains instead of white flour
  6. Do some form of exercise every day – everything counts
  7. Drink 8 glasses of water per day (you can add fresh lemon for extra fiber and vitamins)

If you read all the emails from Pamela Tinkham LLC this may sound repetitive. However, Journaling has not been addressed in the emails… only in individual sessions. It is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when trying to lose weight. It brings about an awareness of the foods you are putting in your system and holds you accountable if you share your journal with someone each week.

Are you ready to try it? Give it a go! Email me if you have questions. I am happy to help.

Congratulations to those of you who met your goals. I applaud your dedication and commitment!



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