Holiday Plan of Action


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP


  1. Bring the salad with the fat free dressing in case there is nothing low fat to eat.
  2. Make sure your portion size is no more than 3oz. of meat, a couple tablespoonfuls (not heaping) of the carbohydrate, and load up on veggies.
  3. Don’t go back for seconds.
  4. Bring the fruit salad for dessert with fat free whipped cream and eat that instead of the pies, cookies, or cakes.
  5. Bring the low-fat eggnog, if this is a temptation for you.
  6. Chew all your food slowly and take your time before swallowing.  Swallow before you pick up your fork to take the next bite.
  7. Nibble on veggies.  You can bring the fat free dip and the veggie plate if need be.
  8. Be assertive in saying no when asked if you want more food.  If the host insists on you having something else, ask for a cup of tea or coffee.
  9. Have a protein bar with you if all else fails… (If you didn’t bring anything low fat to eat… if they don’t have fruits and veggies).  Eat the bar so that you aren’t starved.  Then you have a better chance at resisting the tempting foods.
  10. Enjoy yourself and remember that overindulging now will lead to guilt, disappointment, and weight gain later.


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