Don’t Fall Into Fall


by Pamela Tinkham, LCSW, C-IAYT, SEP


With Fall upon us, we need to be mentally prepared for the new season. Fall brings about new opportunities.  The energy around us is a faster pace than those warm summer days.  Work is back in full swing, kids are back in school, new projects are beginning and deadlines are in the picture.  It is an exciting time and can be overwhelming if you are not prepared.  How can you be prepared?

There is a quote I like from a Roman Philosopher that refers to this topic:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

I often hear people say, “I’m just not lucky in life”, or “These are the cards I was dealt”.  These are negative statements and also self defeating statements because they suggest that everything is out of their control. In life there are many things that are out of our control, but there are equally many things we can control and that is where the topic of preparation comes to play.  What we can do is work diligently towards our goals and we can continue to persevere even when things do not seem to be going our way.  When we feel like giving up, we can just try one more time.  If it is certain that what we are doing is not working, then we need to think outside the box and explore all the things we have not done.  The point is that we continue to press on.  We continue to try different ways until we get the desired outcome.  We don’t give up or give in.

Preparation is therefore doing the work that we don’t always feel like doing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if things could just come to us effortlessly and easily?  Just 5 minutes of meditation every day will help things come to you more effortlessly because it brings about a relaxation and detachment from the desired outcome that actually makes it more achievable.  In Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he writes about the Law of Detachment:

In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty…
in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom
from our past, from the known,
which is the prison of past conditioning.

And in our willingness to step into the
unknown, the field of all possibilities,
we surrender ourselves to the creative mind
that orchestrates the dance of the universe.

To summarize Don’t Fall into Fall… do the work to prepare you for whatever may present itself.  Go the extra mile to research a particular area or read the extra book on a topic you are interested in.  Whatever it may mean for you… do not be lazy this Fall, be productive and LUCK may just arrive at your door

Healthfully Yours!


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